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Consortium of companies

The RENAISSANCE consortium was set up by three companies, which have cooperated for years, restoring the former brilliance to historic interiors of castles, palaces, and old-time aristocratic country and city residences representing the European tradition. The motto of the RENAISSANCE consortium is the famous battle cry of the three musketeers: All for one, one for all, which in practice translates into mutual loyalty, and into the responsibility of all members of the team for the implemented projects.

One of the members of the RENAISSANCE consortium team is a design studio of Jan Dominikowski, who has already been running it for as long as a quarter of a century. This art historian and interior designer, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, specialises in the design and reconstruction of historic interiors, as well as of the period elements of furnishings and objects of handicraft. The design studio applies the traditional designing methods, and it creates unique, individual, and exceptional artistic visualisations and designs of particular elements of interior design, such as patterned, marquetry parquet mosaics, sculpted wooden panelling, wooden stairs, artistic carpentry, stuccowork, stained glass, artistic metalwork – such as grilles, grates, bars, and banisters, as well as unique, stylish illumination. All these elements guarantee stylistic uniformity of the restored or reconstructed interiors.

The other member of the RENAISSANCE consortium, and its pillar of strength in terms of the implementation efficiency, is a huge manufacturer representing wood industry, which provides a strong backup and basis for the supply of materials necessary for conservation and reconstruction works, practically without any limits of the scope and costs of the projects. Paweł Fąfara, the owner of the company, guarantees the professional and timely deliveries of materials required for restoration and reconstruction works, and in particular the highest quality of European and exotic wood, including such exclusive types as walnut, cherry, mahogany, or rosewood. The reliability of performance is additionally guaranteed by the modern machinery, and the immense potential of the enterprise, which has the area of 20 hectares, and 500 employees. The company’s performance potential may be illustrated by the fact that it can deliver the material for around 10,000 square metres of patterned mosaic floors consisting of a dozen or so types of wood within about half year.

The third pillar of the RENAISSANCE consortium is an implementation company managed by Aleksander Gaczyński, who is responsible for the professional, timely, and reliable performance of the works involving any historical handicrafts, and for the coordination of the reconstruction and implementation works along with the supervision of their performance in numerous handicraft studios. The company has successfully completed a number of reconstruction and restoration works in historic palaces, including renovation and reconstruction of wooden panelling and parquet mosaic floors, as well as researching and acquisition of unique elements of mobile interior design for historic interiors and residences, such as antique furniture, and other old-time handicraft objects intended for interior decoration.
For a quarter of a century we have cooperated, on an exclusive basis, with the leading studios of Polish handicraft, which frequently are family enterprises boasting one hundred years of tradition. The masters who are in charge of them have proved their craft and reliability as partners in the course of numerous projects. The fact that these workshops have for generations been run by members of the same families lets us be sure that the artist-craftsmen who put the projects into life are in possession of such secrets, concerning both materials and methods, which are beyond the reach of modern companies.